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I've published a new article.  "Gary's Guide to Alternative Desktop PC Photo Editing Software"

Since Adobe have moved their software to the Creative Cloud, I've been looking at alternatives to the old standby of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the major alternatives for photo editing at the desktop.

You can read the article by clicking HERE





I've recently returned from my annual Autumn photography trip in Crested Butte, Colorado.  For that trip I rented a Canon EOS 5DSR, 50 megapixel body to use along side my Canon EOS 6D.  You can read my field report by clicking here.



























I've posted an article today "Understanding Autumn Color in Colorado"

This is a reprint of an article I wrote a few years ago, but it's relevant to the Autumn color season, so give it a read if you're heading to Colorado for Autumn photography.



Adobe Camera Raw Updates for Photoshop CS6 Coming To An End


It's been a fun ride with Adobe over the past 10 years.  With their change in business model to the "Creative Cloud", at some point we knew they would stop supporting their last stand-alone version of their product.

In the near future, I'll be exploring alternatives to Photoshop and Lightroom.

As George Harrison once wrote.... "All Things Must Pass"






Adobe LR 6.1 bugs (Stand alone version)

After a little over 2 months of using Adobe LR 6.1 (standalone) I've found the following bugs.
Exporting images to a directory that is open in Adobe Bridge CS6 will result in the image export being deleted after export. LR6 and Adobe Bridge don't coexist very well when looking at a directory.
Random crashes. LR 6 can crash at any time, without notice, without reason. I've had at lest two editing sessions interrupted and edits lost. It also crashes in the library module, crashes when doing preview builds, crashes when exporting files, crashes when converting to DNG. It doesn't matter, it will eventually crash no matter what happens.
LR 6 frequently gives a server error message when starting up. The problem seems related to hard drives that have gone to sleep. At startup, when looking at hard drive directories on a HDD that has gone to sleep, this message will occur. Happens with internal and external drives. I found a work around using a free program called KeepAliveHD, which allows you to write a small text file to any disk drive at regular scheduled intervals, which keeps the drive from going to sleep. Nothing else I've done seems to prevent the problem.
Performance issues with Graphic Cards. I've tried it using Intel Chipset cards and ATI cards, and this portion of LR is not done cooking. I found it best to disable the “Use Graphic Processor” function found in the performance tab. All it does is increase the likelihood you'll have trouble and it may very well cause your performance to degrade. As it sits now, it's a useless function.
There's a bug in exporting EXIF data. LR generates incorrect EXIF and inserts it into the file when uploading from LR.
Random display blanking. I've found this problem will most often occur when using a dual monitor setup. It can occur in a single display setup though. Most often the problem appears after exporting an image.