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I'm researching and getting notes together for an article on the moose killed at Brainard Lake in September.


If you were present at Brainard Lake the morning of September 6th, 2014 and have direct knowledge of the incident with the moose, please contact me.

The Colorado Parks & Wildlife  Commission should be rendering some type of decision on the petition that Nancy Rynes has presented, asking for a 1/4 mile exclusion zone around Brainard Lake that allows no hunting within a quarter of a mile from the lake (or something to that effect)


For the record, and I know full well that Parks & Wildlife are out there browsing Facebook for anything they can turn up. so here's something for them to read too.


The thing that keeps coming back to me is the concept of "Fair Chase" in hunting.


Here's a story of a similar nature, which you may find interesting.  I do, so I'm sharing it.


The simple fact is that public lands belong to all of us and not just hunters.


If you live in Colorado, this is a matter of importance you should consider becoming familiar with.  It involves your personal safety and your personal enjoyment of the outdoors and the wildlife we love to view and photograph.


Here are some folks you can contact, and I urge you to do so before the CPW Commission makes a ruling on this, because it's not likely they'll modify their stance after they make a decision.  That decision needs to be made by mid January too, as that's when they have to have their ducks in a row for 2015.


Sign the petition here....


Contact Colorado Governor John John W. Hickenlooper here.


Contact Colorado Parks & Wildlife directly here.



I've just posted Jim Esten's hands on preview

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